Signature Series: Devin

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Video: Signature Series:  Devin

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Gemini Studios
Devin is quite a sexy man. His eyes are very blue as he stares intensely into your soul. His dark hair and blue eyes are such an unusual combination that he commands attention wherever he goes. He is also intensely masculine and very manly. Butch, if you will. He is hard to convince to try new things (think ass play) but once he makes a commitment, he gives it his best. And his best is quite good (and HOT!!!)

Scene 1:

This is the very first time Devin came into the studio and his very first time on camera. He is dressed in a tank top and cap. I am worried about the cap; I didn’t ask if he was bald! He strips gradually and what we see is a mature man’s body. Lightly furred, he is definitely masculine and has a great build. A lot of natural muscle and a great butt! He isn’t too effective the first time I ask him to spread his cheeks, but I figure I can tutor him on that later (and I do). I get him totally naked and relaxed in the rattan chair in the studio and also coax him into getting his legs in the air so we can work on some good but shots! His ass is also lightly furred and he has a pretty pink hole which he finally spreads for all to see!

Devin stretches out on the platform in the studio and seems perfectly relaxed. He does a few more butt shots before starting to work his cock. He is definitely a grower and I am impressed at how big his cut cock grows! He works his dick and soon shoots a load all over his hairy belly. His cum is thick and white. After trying on some nipple clamps, I show him the small butt plug and ask him if he thinks he can stick it in his ass. We have a candid conversation and get a few more shots in (he’s much more relaxed about his ass!) calling it quits for today.

Scene 2:

It’s a few days later and since he came over from work, Devin takes advantage of the studio bath to get cleaned up. He shaves and showers and then goes through a little costume shoot. He looks great in jeans, tank tops and a jock strap. Devin gets comfortable in the poppa san and shows you his hard cock. He has agreed to play with toys. He gets right down to business and starts fingering his virgin butt. When he’s comfortable and relaxed, I hand him the little butt plug and he slides it home. It doesn’t seem to bother him and he has it up his ass for quite awhile even holding his legs in the air and flipping over on his knees.

Next I give him the small vibrator and he actually apologized because he can’t get it all in his ass. Yeah, he just gets 8 inches in there! After some vibrator action, he fucks his ass with a glass dildo, a larger vibrator and then our infamous beer bottle takes charge and fucks the virgin straight guy. After the bottle, Devin sticks a zucchini in his ass and you will notice he has been hard the whole time as he jerks his cock and fucks his butt! He flips over on his knees with the zucchini and looks like he’s getting fucked doggy style! He pops the organic green dildo out hands free and the spreads his ass for your inspection! Devin slides a big red butt plug up his ass and jacks his cock until he shoots another thick white load all over his abs!

Scene 3:

Devin takes another hot shower and looks so hot all wet and lathered as he shows you every inch of his sexy manly body! He even drops the soap! In this last scene, Devin has decided to go all the way and try gay sex. He sucks cock and gets fucked. He does a good job at both, and I think he might be ready for a JackBuddies video!

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