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Video: Signature Series - Dan

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Gemini Studios
I saw Dan walking downtown one day, but even though he looked interesting, I didn’t have time to stop. I saw him again two days later and talked to him about doing an audition shoot. He was pretty excited about it, and so we went straight to the studio for his first XXX photo and video shoot. He is 34, straight and very masculine. It was fun to watch him progress from totally straight to not-so-straight. Watch this video and see what I mean. If you like mature straight men with hairy chests, a rough street-wise attitude, and a hot sexy hairy body who might be bi-curious, you will love this video!!
Scene 1:
I brought Dan straight from the street and you see his very first few minutes on camera. He is a little skeptical, but not intimidated at all. He is very confident and sure of himself in most situations. He starts out in a tee shirt and jean shorts, which he drops slowly revealing a working man’s hairy body, which is why I am surprised his pubic hair is shave. My girl makes me do it, he says. He bends over and spreads his ass for the first of many times, and doesn’t seem reluctant at all. He goes through some nude posing where you get to see everything! The camera lingers lovingly over every inch of his body exploring and invading his wonderfully masculine nakedness. The shoot goes well, I get all the shots I want and he is even more relaxed so I suggest he shave and shower before the next part of the shoot.
Dan lathers his face up and shaves. To me there is something very sexy about watching a man shave. It seems almost too personal to invade, but he looks so hot standing naked at the sink! When he’s done, I take another few photos and its shower time. Dan lathers his hairy chest and works on his muscular thighs as the hot water runs down his body. He flexes, bends over, poses and shows you every inch if his hot manly body. Dan looks so hot all wet and soapy, you can just imagine sliding your hands all over him. When he’s done, he dries off and before leaving, bends over the basin for another hot spread butt shot.
Dan’s back in the studio and he’s already naked. I get him to talk about his sex life and what he likes to do. His answers are unrehearsed and very candid. This is the real Dan. After his interview in which he professes his heterosexuality and anal virginity, I get him to pose some and snap some hot ass shots (You know I love ’em, so do you!) He isn’t shy about showing his hetero hole and that’s usually half the battle! When he stands up, his cock is hard and he starts jacking it. I am always disappointed when they show up with shaved pubes, but he still looks hot and it will grow back! He gets comfortable and continues his furious pounding until he shoots all over his hairy belly. He looks pleased with the effort and I’m pretty happy, too.
Scene 2:
It’s a few days later, and Dan’s back. He has a surprise for us and I am very surprised when he pulls his pants down, bends over and shows me the big red butt plug firmly in place! Dan gets comfortable lying down and shows you juts how much he likes his ass play and how deep the plug is! He sucks on a dildo and gets comfortable putting on a show. But, he can’t use other toys with the plug, so out it comes and in go a variety of anal toys. Soon fingers and vibrators find their way deep inside this man’s hot ass. He gets fucked on his back and on his knees before he gets the huge manrammer dildo shoved in his ass. Dan gets fucked really hard with this latex monster and then sits down taking the whole thing! Hope his girl friend doesn’t see this! But he hasn’t had enough, so he sits on a life-like latex cock and balls and fucks his own ass until he shoots a huge load. Then he bends over to show you his dilated hole!
Scene 3:
Now it’s put up or shut up time. Dan is going all the way sucking cock for the first time and getting fucked for real. He starts out in his boxers and plays with his cock, showing you his ass, which has the butt plug again. Soon he’s got a cock in his mouth and sucks a dick for the first time. He’s pretty good at it and it isn’t long before he’s on his back taking it up his straight ass. He gets fucked on his side, on his back and then sits on a dick and rides it bareback. For a fantastic closing, he shows you his just fucked ass and tells you all about it!

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