Side-By-Side #19: The Brothers Intiate Sabastien

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Video: Side-By-Side #19: The Brothers Intiate Sabastien

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Mayhem North
The formula for the Mandy Goodhandy Side-By-Side series is simple – put two or more straight, or semi-straight boys next to each other and see what they will do to each other under Mandy’s direction. This video, like most current Mayhem North titles, was shot at Goodhandy’s, a night club owned by myself and Mandy Goodhandy in Toronto, Canada. – Todd Klinck, Producer
Scene 1:
The video starts with the Mandy Goodhandy show, a live show shot at Goodhandy’s in front of the audience. There is always a lot of comedy in this show and Mandy introduces any of the male models as well as any of the boys who are going to wrestle. This week there are 7 naked wrestling boys (Sabastien, TroyBoy, Curtis, Justin, Mitch, Bam-Bam and Trevor). After some wrestling, the boys are ready to move upstairs for the live porn video.

Scene 2:
This is Sabastien’s initiation. Mandy Goodhandy pairs Sabastien with the brothers Justin and Curtis, and adds TroyBoy into the mix. All three boys shove their cocks in Sabastien’s mouth and cum all over him.

Scene 3:
Sabastien’s Solo. You can often get to know a model more intimately during a solo shoot. This is the first solo video that he shot with Mandy earlier in the evening. Then, cum-shot recaps are divided into their own chapter on this DVD.

Scene 4:
Bonus scene – Jett Allen’s interview. Jett Allen is a porn star who has appeared in titles by Falcon and Lucas Entertainment. He is an interesting, intelligent guy who likes to travel, is in med school, and does porn for intellectual reasons. After his big budget experiences, he came to Goodhandy’s to do a low-budget solo scene. As I started shooting, I realized that he was high, but his scene became this interesting, gentle discussion between us. He told me a lot about his personal views of the porn industry, honesty, sex addiction and obsessions, and more. He asked me early on if I would mind taking off my pants – I did not mind, and you’ll see from the footage that it becomes a very ”hands-on” interview. He could not orgasm, and usually that means we don’t release the scene, but my editor Hunter watched it, and his perspective that this was one of the more interesting shoots we’ve ever done made me give it a second look, and realized that it’s not always about the money shot.

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