Shaving Pvt. Hart

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Video: Shaving Pvt. Hart

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Gemini Studios
This is the third in a series of XXX Videos made by Hart for very special market: people who like to see hairy straight men shaved and fucked! His scenes where he shaves and is shaved are riveting and his toy play is breath taking! Hart is back from boot camp as a changed man. His head is shaved! He wonders what it would be like to shave his entire body! He begins showing his sexy hair body as he strips. Before taking the clippers to the brown thatch under his arms. He keeps flexing to show you his progress once it’s gone; he decides to shave it smooth. He goes into the bathroom naked and lathers up to shave his pits. Now that his armpits are smooth as a baby’s butt, he starts on his chest with the clippers. He starts to get hard as he works the clippers and in no time at all has a raging hard on! His pleasure trail is next before I tackle his pubic hair with the same clippers working around his hard dick. He takes the clippers to his balls and we have a new smooth Hart! But we must not forget his beautiful butt! Even thought there isn’t much to shave, we go right after it and leave his hot hole bare and smooth. Hart oils up his smooth torso and poses for you with his new smoothness and his rock hard cut dick. He closes out this scene by telling you exactly what he’s done. And he’s still hard! The smooth Hart is anxious to get back to normal and thinks a long hot session with his favorite butt toys is just the thing! He poses on a table with his hard dick standing straight up! He begins to jack his dick and soon has his finger all the way up his hot ass. A butt plug replaces his finger, but he wants more. Out come a couple of vibrators, which he handles with great dexterity! This straight guy loves something up his ass! And he wants more! Fucking his butt with a beer bottle just makes his butt want more so the cucumber replaces the bottle while he jacks his hard dick. All of these insertions are seen in close up penetration shots that leave nothing to the imagination. Watching a cucumber disappear up this hot man’s ass is unforgettable! I didn’t know whether to look at the vanishing cuke or his hard dick! He takes on the big manrammer dildo and works his butt over good, jacking his hard dick at the same time. It’s time for satisfaction, so he sticks his favorite lifelike dildo on the floor and squats on it taking the latex cock deep into his hot ass. He rides the dildo jacking his still hard dick jacking it all the while. He sucks on another dildo so that he is watertight: a hard cock at each end! Then Hart shoots a huge load of hot cum in his hand and puts it on his tongue. He lets it drip out onto his chest and is one happy, satisfied camper! And so are we! Nothing left to do but get cleaned up, so Hart heads for the shower. But his boner won’t quit. He rubs his body, plays with his dick, bends over and shows his butt hole as the hot water runs down his exhausted body. After showering he dries off every inch of his body with extra special attention to his well used butt.

Stars: Pvt. Hart

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