Say It Loud…I’m White Trash And I’m Proud

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Video: Say It Loud...I'm White Trash And I'm Proud

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Joe Schmoe Productions
Hey guys, thanks for buying our homemade amateur vids. The guys and I appreciate your patronage. Here is a collection of some of our favorite, trashy, young, white cocks. Totally real and amateur. – Joe

Scene 1: Carter is a trashy Str8 whiteboy who was eager to come over and make a vid. He seems just a lil’ bit nervous as he tells us about his first time. He kicks back in the Schmoelounger, and busts one out using his spit for lube. I can’t stand it no longer and decide to feel him up…but he ain’t having it. Soon he shoots his trashy whiteboy cum all over our floor.

Scene 2: Our young, cute, whiteboy from next door, Chance stopped by to make another vid. He’s in rare form tonight, as he kicks back in the Schmoelounger and starts playing with his dick. I quickly move in to suck his whiteboy dick to attention. He seems like he likes it as his dick gets rock hard in my mouth in no time. I suck him for a while, then finish him off with a handjob.

Scene 3: Shy str8 trashy whiteboy Brian was over with his buddy Blaze trying to earn a few extra bucks. He’s so cute in that redneck boy next door kinda way. I get him naked, and his uncut teen dick quickly grows into a throbbing mandick. Blaze and I have a side bet that I can suck his str8 buddies dick…Blaze doesn’t think Brian will let me. But when I move in for a lil’ unexpected taste, Brian says nothing as his cock slide into me eager mouth. Soon Brian ends up shooting his cum six feet through the air and onto my floor. What a waste. Maybe next time it’ll be in my face.

Scene 4: It’s Blaze and myself in a short clip from a recent camping trip. Blaze walks around the campsite naked for a second, before he heads into the camper to jack off. I follow him in and jerk him for a second before giving him some head, and then him jerkin’ one out…short and sweet. Just like I like it.

Scene 5: We hop in my truck and head over to Jason’s. He’s painting his kids room and wants our advice on the color….as well as a blowjob. We arrive at Jason’s…I give y’all a short camera tour of his apt. Then we close the door and I get busy suckin’ his cock. He soon nuts in my face and mouth.

Scene 6: A short clip from another camping trip finds Chez and Black Joe carrying on like long lost lovers. They serve each other up for a while, before Chez bust his trashy whiteboy load all over Black Joe.

Stars: Blaze, Jason, Brian, Chance, Carter, Black Joe, Chez

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