San Diego G.I. Jerkers #2

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Video: San Diego G.I. Jerkers #2

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Ben’s a quiet one, so you might not guess him to be the wild type. Just goes to show that it’s those quiet ones you have to watch out for! This actually isn’t his first time on camera–he told me something about a gangbang with a girl and some of his Marine buddies where a friend pulled out a video camera. So, Ben is a 20y/o str8 Marine from Texas and has a bit of the twangy accent going on. He loves working out and keeping in tip-top shape. He’s got a tight bod and a pretty thick cock! Even though he is str8, he was pretty open-minded about doing a scene with another guy… so stay tuned for that one.


Alex is a 20y/o str8 US Marine gun-toter who said he was ”nervous as hell” about doing this shoot. Still, he gave it the ol’ Devil Dawg try and came through where it counts. It took about 10 minutes for him to finally drop his pants, but don’t worry… I edited out all that stuff. As soon as I gave him some lube, his dick stood straight up. Alex is from a small town in Missouri and was a big jock in high school– football, baseball, and wrestling were his sports. Told me football was his favorite cos he liked hitting people. When I asked what his hobbies were he just said, ”Shooting my rifle.” I love Alex’s cum-face. He totally got lost in the moment and you can even see his toes curl up in the 2nd camera’s cumshot view.


When Christian showed up, he wanted to make it abundantly clear that he is STR8. He was pretty nervous about the whole jerking-off-on-camera thing, which I thought was curious, cos his dick was hard in (literally!) 20 seconds after his boxers came off. Christian’s a 23y/o US Marine stationed here in San Diego. He’s got a nicely defined build, accented with a couple tattoos… and a 7” cock. He rides around town on one of those crotch rocket motorcycles. The kind of jock Marine you’d only hope to see naked in the gym shower. Despite his nervousness, I’m thinking he must have been a little excited, because his cumshot completely snuck up on him. Luckily I was there to catch it on camera.


Joe came to San Diego from Chicago after joining the Marines. An 18y/o Italian str8 guy who loves being on camera. He and his buddies used to crash frat parties while in high school to pick up on girls that he would fuck while his buddies video-taped the whole thing and cheered him on. He’s definitely got nothing to hide. Big ol’ Italian crank that he jerks and shoots an absolutely HUGE load that flys all the way up to his neck and splatters that just about cover his entire stomach and chest. ”Give me a target and I’ll aim for that next time,” he says afterwards. Hmmm… not a half-bad idea, Joe.

Stars: Alex, Christian, Ben, Joe

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