Rough Around The Edges 2

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Video: Rough Around The Edges 2

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Pat and Sam
Calvin’s 1st Session…
Calvin is someone we really like a lot! The really cool thing about him is the fact that he’s gay but you wouldn’t know it to look at him or talk with him. He’s a Taurus very masculine and quite straight acting. In fact, he’s really kind of tough, but in a nice way.
He’s very stocky and solidly built. He has a nice fat uncut cock too. And he loves to show off his hairy ass hole. He says he wants to do some sex videos for me, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing him in some hot action soon. I just want to chew on his nipples for about an hour!
Damian’s 2nd Session…
Damian has become one of our favorite boys around here. We’ve posted lots of photos of him, and now here comes his second video! This time he was in the office watching a DVD on the computer.
He has these fantastic eyes that just knock me out, and his smile could melt ice. And who could say no to that nice 8″ fat brown cock of his? Of course the part about him I like the most is his charming personality. He shoots cum in his own face in this one!
Robert’s 1st Session…
Here is one of two very hot Latino guys I filmed on the same day. His personality is charming and attractive, and he has those sexy rockstar eyes, too.
Take a close look and you’ll see what I mean. I really dig that kind of thing. It really turns me on. Plus, like Romeo, Robert has a hefty chorizo that is extra spicy. He gives a great performance in this video, and we have a nice conversation. He must have really given it some thought because two days later he called again…
Michael’s 1st Session…
Here is another straight boy fresh off the farm! Michael just moved here from Nebraska, and he sure does have that small town charm. I think he’s very cute and has a great smile. You know I always go for the guys with cute eyes, and he’s no exception.
He also has that backwoodsy personality that I find really attractive. Just before this session, he went deep sea fishing with his Dad and got terribly sunburnt! He shows a nice pecker. I really dig the video. He’s not a trimmer – fans of the natural look will love him!
Scott and Toys…
I know everyone really likes Scott’s big wang. But, you know me… I like hot boy butt too. And Scott sure has a hot butt. He’s done two solo videos for me, and he did a j/o video with Ryan. However, he frequently said that he had a vibrator that he liked playing with, and that he would like me film him doing himself sometime.
So, here it is! I really like his hairy ass, and for a “Str8” boy he’s not shy about spreading his cheeks and showing off. I was kind of concerned that he wouldn’t really get into being plugged, but damn was I wrong. He jams that buzzing black thing right on up and jerks off for a long time.
Nick’s First Session…
You see, we’re accustomed to having 18 to 20 year old guys over who show up looking like, well… 18 to 20 year old guys: Jeans. Tee-shirts. Ball caps. Sneakers.

So you can imagine our surprise when this hot blond Italian stud appeared on our doorstep wrapped in a suit.
He was eager to put on a show. We thought, ”Well, okay, let’s see what he’s got.”
The last thing we expected under that suit was a human art gallery. Imagine our surprise at finding all those nasty tattoos. Art is art, and we shouldn’t judge, but… Damn!
What more could you want?
Cade and Ryan…
This session is didn’t go at all as planned. It started out to be just a solo video with Ryan. We had just gotten started when Cade came knocking on the door. He likes to stop by unexpectedly, and I don’t mind one bit.
Ryan (Gay) took one look at Cade and started drooling. I just love spontaneous hook ups and suggested they play around together. We had started with that when Jason knocked on the door. I asked him to take the stills for me. I’m kind of like Tom Sawyer in that regard. Cade and Ryan have a nice time together. They go oral for a little while, and then sit back and whack off. Cade shoots off way over his shoulder, and Ryan pops a great one too!

Stars: Cade Devlin, Ryan (Pat and Sam), Damian (Pat and Sam), Calvin (Pat and Sam), Nick (Pat and Sam), Robert (Pat and Sam), Scott (Pat and Sam), Michael (Pat and Sam)

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