Rattlesnake Shake #16 – Too Much Too Waste Any #2

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Video: Rattlesnake Shake #16 - Too Much Too Waste Any #2

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Zack Christopher Production
Ok, I’ve got a confession to make. I don’t know what it is about this stud, but he drives me wild. He was far from perfect, but for some reason I can’t get enough of him. I’ve watched this footage again and again and love every second of it. I love his handsome, all American, jock mug. I love his goofy antics and colorful personality. I love his big biceps, broad shoulders and deep dark red scar on his abdomen. I love his sexual openness. I shot almost 5 hours of footage of this hunk, I wanted to share him all. So, I made him into two movies over 2 hours each. Quite simply, I combined cumshots from both cams for the finale, but left the footage intact, as it was shot, for the rest of the feature. ZCP49, is shot from the second, stationary cam. ZCP50, is shot from Cam 1, for close-ups and various angles. I start out with a slice show.

Anthony started out joking. He’s a big boy at 6 foot 2 inches tall and 205 lbs. But he carries it well. Again, he wasn’t perfect, but he just had something that screamed ‘guy next door’ and the thought of having this hunk was a great vibe. He had just turned 37 yo at the time we shot this, but he could easily pass for someone in their 20’s! He does physical work, which keeps him looking hot. Anthony is straight, but he’d had a few experiences of various kinds where guys hit on him, and even got a little somewhere, but for the most part he was into chicks. But, we were allowed to cop our feels, suck his nice cock and play with his nuts, etc. So he was a great guy and a good sport!

Regardless of what he was doing, Tony is telling you all about his life, his interests, his work, his sex life. He poses for pics, goofs around and has a ball. We took a break midstream to go out to the pool and relax. I only took the still cam with me there, which you’ll see in the slide show. He posed as the pool boy and had a fun time doing it. After a long bout of jacking off and getting sucked and jacked by us, Tony squeezes out a nice cream that drools down his thick cock like white lava, pooling on his hands, balls and belly. I have the cumshots from both angles on both movies, so if you only get one, you won’t miss the cumshots or the still shots. But, whether you get one, the other, or both, I think you’ll agree, that while he’s far from perfect, he’s got a magnetism that makes you want more, more, more!!

Stars: Tony, Anthony

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