Pounding The Pole

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Video: Pounding The Pole

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Big Red Curtain Productions
Five young straight guys pound their poles for the pure pleasure of it. They know you are watching and the like it that way.

Talon has an exotic look that is complimented by his thin swimmers build and a fine example of a rather large, 2 hander tool and low hanging balls. He pounds and pounds until he busts a very large nut all over his bed.

Kevin is a show off. He starts with a shower, washing his limp pole and very nice bubble butt. Then he gets in bed, lubes up, and goes to town. After he shoots, he takes a quick taste of his juice and then heads back for another shower. This guy is clean!

Armagedon is watching tv in bed when he decides to take his dick out of his jeans and do a little pounding. Once he shines his pole it does not take long before he is a sticky icky mess.

Ryan decides to let THE HAND do all the work as he enjoys being pleasured. First the front, then the back, complete with finger in Ryan’s ass. The hand pounds Ryan to a full climax of dripping ecstasy.

Damon is a tough straight guy that decides to give THE HAND a try. After a nice shower, he allows THE HAND to touch where no man has gone before. He gets his chest oiled up, which he seems to like because his pole is straight and hard before it is ever touched. After a quick back rub, THE HAND works on the pole for a while. Then Damon takes over to finish the job, with THE HAND rubbing his balls the whole time. Photos of Armagedon and Talon follow the videos.

Stars: Ryan, Talon, Kevin, Damon, Armagedon

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