Old Reliable 324 – Sometimes A Cigar

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Video: Old Reliable 324 - Sometimes A Cigar

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Bijou Classics
Taped in a private home in Los Angeles, these films consist of off-the-cuff interviews with street hustlers from all over the country. Every type of young man imaginable passes before the camera: Southern boys, blacks, Latinos, scruffy, skinny, tattooed, cigar chomping, longhaired — you name it. Most are straight.. All are encouraged by the off-screen cameraman to engage in exhibitionism. They take it out, show it off, and usually masturbate. And they talk about themselves, enabling the viewer to know these men in a way not possible in the usual hard-core film. This was the original reality TV of porn.

Stars: Angel, Rocky, Rebel, Kris Todd, Sinbad, Mike B., Zam, Mike Doll, Scott R., Tom Vento, Bill Morgan

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