Nate Returns

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Video: Nate Returns

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Nate has been over a couple of times now and I still think he can be a porn star. He’s tall, handsome and ever so well hung. It was sweet to have Nate back and it was his idea! Yippee for all of us.

Nate was real comfortable with this shoot and really zoned in on whacking his bone. You can tell how much he loved it by how concentrated he was on his big uncut boner and smoothly shaved balls. He takes his whacking off very seriously and therefore made a great vid. I got hot enough that I had to whip it out and whack off too, while editing, that is…lol. I did take a moment to taste his sweet uncut boy, but didn’t get that on the vid.

And the cumshot! Color me jealous for this boy not only is a shooter, but lots and lots of thick gooey cum got all over his belly and dripped down his big bone. Mmmm..mmm..finger lickin’ good!

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