My Straight Buddy Volume Six

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Video: My Straight Buddy Volume Six

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Active Duty Productions
The Batcave: My good buddy Jay is in prime shape and agrees to do a naked romp in the desert near an area we call the Batcave. He shows off his tats, his nice round ass, and he even strokes his cock and shakes it around to show off. I had to really work out on this one, so enjoy!

Naked MMA: This video starts with friends hanging out and drinking. After a shower, Zack comes out naked and stays that way. B-Rad is an amateur Mixed Martial Arts fight, and when he bothers Zack they decide to go 3 rounds naked while our other buddy acts as ref.

Zack Jackin’ 2: My buddy Zack has been staying on my couch. I’ve caught him naked and jerking right out in the open several times, so I decided to get it on tape. He gets hard watching a new porn I got and strokes out a nice big load, which I even get a taste of!

Naked Beer Pong: On the second night of a 4-day party weekend, Marines Mike & Matt decide to play strip beer pong with 2 girls. one of the girls has to leave, but the guys still play. Their friends talk smack as they play & strip. Then Matt pisses off my front porch.

Afterparty Jo: After a big party full of Marines, my buddy Joseph decides that now is a great time to audition to be in one of my straight porn movies. The sun has come up, and we are both still plastered and surrounded by passed out guys. He’s a little shy, but with encouragement he takes out his huge cock, gets naked and strokes himself for the camera. Eventually, we move into my office because people are waking up, and it ends when I spill my beer.

Stars: Jay, Mike, Zack, Joseph, Matt, B-Rad

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