More Than Willing 2

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Video: More Than Willing 2

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Pat and Sam
A real Stroke Fest. Hot Str8 guys show and shoot, spontaneously talk about their fantasies and curiosities!

We were thrilled to have Rusty back over for his second solo video. He really has a fantastic body, a fat hard cock, and a naughty boy attitude that we’re sure you’ll really like. He’s still a little shy, but that’s ok. He’s beginning to feel more and more comfortable around here, and you can expect to see him with some of our favorite guys very soon.

Pat and I took turns filming and taking photos this time. We both wanted to get as big an eye full of Rusty as possible. Of course, we were ALL happy when he started to play around with his jizz after he got off. That’s a real turn on, don’t you think?

Yep, that Rusty is quite a babe!

We don’t know exactly how to describe Charlie.

He’s cute, he’s nicely hung, and he’s in that magic zone of life still trying to figure things out.

He’s told us he’s Str8, but he’s showing great curiousity about what goes on with the other guys here in the studio. Charlie is clearly perplexed, and it’s fun to watch him grow comfortable. At first, he didn’t want to do any video; now he’s asking about being tied up, about toys.

So long as we don’t think he’s Gay!

We have a thing for sweet young hippie boys. We can always see a diamond in the rough… even through the haze of patchouli, under all that hair!

Lee is a classic Boulder hippie college student (not all of them are football jocks). He’s like a midnight summer breeze: Cool with a lot of latent heat! That big smile is enough to make us swoon, and his deep voice pops boners every time. Not to forget his sexy hard body and his nice big dick. Why is it hippie boys always have long floppy balls?

And if you think he looks hot in still photos, here’s an inside tip: They don’t do him justice. The way this lean young man moves is eros in motion.

How happy do you think we were to meet Kent? He has a fantastically cute face, a humpy muscle boy hard body and a sweet hard dick, but he’s also very charming, which is the most important thing of all. He’s Str8, but nobody’s perfect!
This is from his first session – he was a little nervous and it took him a little while to unwind. There’s something very sexy about seeing a confident hunk like Kent suddenly naked and anxious, and watching his anxiety fade away is erotica at its best. We talk about all kinds of things, and you get to see just how nice he is.

In the end he pops off a nice load, and you can tell how passionate he is too.

We were very anxious to hook Cade Devilin up with Damian. Mostly because Cade is so cool and fun that we just knew he would be able to get Damian to relax and have a good time. Well, it worked! These two guys really hit it off and the scene came out great. They goofed around together for a while, and then they started a nice long j/o session. Damian is still a little hesitant to actually do anything heavier, but that’s ok. It’s great to watch him wrestle with his desires. Cade looks his adorable best in this one, and we’re happy that he continues to work for us, even though he’s now become a big Hollywood sensation! Have you seen his newest from Falcon? WOW!

Stars: Cade Devilin, Charlie (Gay), Kent (Pat and Sam), Damian (Pat and Sam), Lee (Pat and Sam), Joel Drake

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