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Buzz West
You’re gonna love these Hot Military men! They all have their own unique stories, but here is a little peek. Cameron is a friend of a friend that came to a couple of my weekend parties and finally got up the nerve to “give this thing” a go. He was hard before his pants hit the floor. Damien has a sick sense of humor, and he’s kind of a smart ass straight boy…but very polite. He doesn’t believe shaving or trimming anything, so he’s totally natural!

Kayden has the most ripped abs of anyone I’ve ever met, but when he flipped to show off his ass, it was heavenly! You don’t want to miss this part, that’s for sure! Speaking of hot asses Tanner sure knows how to pleasure himself as well. He totally saved for a few days and told me he was so horny he could hardly contain himself. Tanner is such a tease, and he even brought his own dildo! He works it into his ass, shoots his first load, and just keeps on stroking. Tanner licks the first load off his finger, and then goes for another. TWO HOT loads in a row! Levi has such an angelic look, but don’t let that fool you. I’m certain that he feels from Heaven just to tempt us into impure thoughts…and he does it so well! He’s such a HUGE flirt, and that smile is just so captivating. Levi tells us that he doesn’t like to be labeled as straight or gay, that he’s just “sexual”. HOT!

Stars: Cameron (Buzz West), Damien (Buzz West), Kayden (Buzz West), Levi (Buzz West), Tanner (Buzz West)

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