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For all you a-hole lovers, this one is for you. Mike loved showing off his butt. And boys, he is a bottom. Interestingly enough, he has never put a dildo up there, only the bones of hungry men.
This was almost the perfect shoot. He was good looking, had a nice body, a big cock. He did not need any direction. He took different positions including grinding his cock into the couch. He generally used the standard masturbation technique of cock in palm, but he did tried many various techniques. His 7 inch boner is big enough to do a two-fisted whack, which was sweet.
This is the first shoot where there is no break between the question and answer scene and the beginning of the jack off shoot. Mike just started taking off his clothes while we talked. Wait till you see him jo in his Speedo shorts in the beginning. BUT AT THE END OF THE SHOOT I asked Mike to throw his legs over his shoulders and shoot his load in his mouth.
Mike had a huge load of cum and he shot it almost all in his mouth and on his face. It was fucking hot! I did not even know it until after he shot his load that he got some in his eye. Yikes! Hope that cum mixed well with his gum.

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