Little Tattooed Leather Boy: Load #1 Part 2

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Video: Little Tattooed Leather Boy: Load #1 Part 2

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Zack Christopher Production
This is Camera Angle Two of my Leather photo shoot with Devin, from ZCP90. You get to see the show from the side and the unique angle provides a stupendous view of Devin’s explosive cumshots against the backdrop of the black leather and the wooden bar! You won’t be disappointed!

Leather! Jocks! Dog Collar and a Leash! Death’s head mask! Spiked leather wrist band! Skin tight chaps! EXPLOSIVE high flying cumload! Devin looks smashing and butch in all of it. And in this video you get to see all the fucked up things I have to do to make it turn out keeping the porn playing, getting all the gear and Devin in and out of it; and all the positions I get into to get a nice shot of him in his sexy gear. And you’ll LOVE the way his ass looks when he’s in a collar and leash on all fours!

I first had Devin over with his brothers (ZCP59). Then Devin came back without them and jerked two loads in bed (ZCP73). The sexy little shit came back again and jerked off two nice loads out in nature with cool breezes around his sweet bum (ZCP77). So this time I wanted to do something a little different. I decided I’d get some work out of him and make him play macho ”dress up” in some of my favorite things. Hell, I figured his tightly ripped little frame might even fit most of them and he did!

So I first dressed him up in a Dog Collar. Next I added a little bling with a spiked leather wrist band and a hand X-harness. Soon I got out a purple jock strap (which made him laugh as he’d never seen a jock!) and then hooked him up to the leash! He posed like a good little doggie! Woof! Devin was a great sport as I had him pose for pics in just about everything leather hats, a death’s head mask, X-harness but what really got me hot an oozing cum in my shorts was when he tried on the pair of soft leather chaps I have (I used to fit in them too!) and they fit him like a second skin. I had to help him get them on, and in the process got to brush my hands along his thighs and his basket in the jock! Woof! That was incredibly hot, rubbing casually against a straight boy’s hot bulge!

Soon Devin is stroking his hard cock and getting ready to blow. And what an explosion! Devin squirts a massive load and sprays high into the air! He bathed the jock and leather chaps in nice white cream that smelled so fucking good! He stands up and shows us just where all the tasty jizz landed. All over my nice leathers!! The angle of this cam shows this cumshots with dark backgrounds, and it shows off incredibly well as his spunk flies high into the air! I even got to get a nice glob of Devin leatherboy cum on my fingers for a taste! Boom!! It’s fucking yummy! Devin shows off his sweet ass throughout too. Finally, another wardrobe change and we’re off to Load #2 but that will cum in ZCP93! And Devin will return! I even show off a bit of a preview of what’s to cum during the show! A unique slideshow of shots taken during this photo shoot! The Devin hits the shower to clean up.

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