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Video: Liam

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Liam found my ad in Gay Chicago. We met at a coffee shop (guess, just guess which What first struck me were his very nice eyes and he had a kinda cherub quality. I immediately wanted to shoot him and that’s exactly what I did.
Liam has a real thick boner and he totally gets into himself. This guy really loves to whack off and show off! He’s one hairy dude and man o man did he build up a sweat. I thought it so cool to watch him smell and lick his pits.
You should see his legs quiver as he shoots a coupla nice ropes. I just loved his smile right after he shot and then the exhaustion set in. This boy worked it and worked it good.
He’s also the second guy in a week that rubbed my crotch with his feet. What can I say? I didn’t ask him to do it, neither did I stop him.
Oh and btw, I talk a lot in this one.

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