Joe’s Redneck Auditions

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Video: Joe's Redneck Auditions

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Joe Schmoe Productions
Something a lil’ different from Schmoeville. After one year of amateur filmmaking. I’m kinda’ testing my limits. Here is an eclectic collection of Four REAL amateur redneck guys making their video debuts. We did some undercover ”recruiting” at a Str8 bar just outside the largest trailer court in town and this is the result. As usual it’s as amateur as it gets, and then some.


Str8 redneck roofer Timmy stopped by after a night at the bar. It was my first time meeting him. And my highly-tuned gaydar was picking up on his ”curious” vibe. After making him ask for head twice. I finally give in and serve him up a bit. Then he jerks a load out onto his chest.


22 yr old GWB (ghetto white boy) Chris dropped by from the bar after last call. He couldn’t believe he could get paid for Showin’ off on cam and bustin’ a nut, especially after this chick he was tryin’ to fuck dissed him at the last minute. He shoots one of the ”spritziest” loads I have ever filmed. He says ”That’s the best I can do. PAY ME dawg”


Bobby is a Bi Redneck Daddy who dropped by. He’s got an ol’ lady but occasionally likes to mess around. He is our first uncircumcised guy we’ve filmed. At first he had it skinned back, like he was self-conscious about it, but soon he gets into showing it off and cums all over our floor.


We got a call from “grandpa” who said he wanted to make a video. He says his ol’ lady ain’t interested in sex no more. You know me, I couldn’t resist. He’s not the prettiest guy, but he has a nice body for a grandpa. And he delivers a nice cumshot.

Stars: Bobby, Chris, Timmy, Grandpa

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