Joe’s Beauty Tips: Redneck Face Cream

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Video: Joe's Beauty Tips:  Redneck Face Cream

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Joe Schmoe Productions
My friends ask me how I look so young for my age. Never really thought about it before, but it must be my face cream. Joe’s beauty tip… redneck face cream. Don’t know if it works or not, but it sure is fun applying it. The guys like it too. As usual, it’s as amateur as it gets, and then some.

Scene 1:

Shy, str8 guy Chris stopped by after work to bust his first nutt of the day. He’s shy, but he loves to show off on cam. He smokes a cig, then starts to jerk it. I ask if he’s ever been served up by a guy, he says no, but he’ll try it. Next thing you know, he’s jizzin’ all over my face.

Scene 2:

Haven’t seen str8, skinny, whiteboy Aiden in awhile. Forgot how nice his rock hard cock is. He gets served up for the first time on cam, then mouth fucks his load all over my face.

Scene 3:

One of our favorite str8 redneck boys Keith drops by one night. As we are getting ready to film, the doorbell rings and it’s my MOM! Black Joe and Keith run into the bedroom, Blaze/Rudy is with them off cam. Keith shows off his manly body, Black Joe serves him up a bit, then Keith nutts all in his face.

Scene 4:

Redneck, young daddy Jason, came over lookin’ to make some extra cash, and makes a mess on my face.

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