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Video: Jeff

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Jeff was my first true redhead. He is also a neighborhood dude, so I truly keep to my mission statement about the guys in Chicago (although very soon you will see the Toronto dudes). In fact I frequently run into some of them there Chicago guys.
Jeff has a handsome face and a funny personality, though understated. He has a smirk all the time and part of that smirk was because he wanted me to show him my boyz, but I didn’t. I teased him. He also has a really pretty and very very hard cock and tight hanging nutz.
I consider his boyz to be classics, the perfectly shaped penis and nutz, not too big and not too small. As with many of my dudes, Jeff had a boner from the get-go; very hard and ready for whacking. He took his time taking care of himself because he was not worried about maintaining a boner; he just had a great one the whole time. That is exactly the kind of model I am always looking for; rock hard and taking it slow!

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