Hoosier Homeboys

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Video: Hoosier Homeboys

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Joe Schmoe Productions
More amateur redneck dick for ya. Straight guys jerkin’ off and gettin’ served up for our amateur camera. It’s totally amateur, unscripted, real straight guys, chillin’-out with their cocks out. -Joe


19 yr old Blaze checks out his comments from some of his clips. He got his feelings hurt when a couple guys called him trashy. But he does have that ”trashy boy” look in the clip. He plays with a ”plushie” then strokes his big boy dick, to a big gloppy ole’ cumshot, right in my face.


Shy, str8, 22 yr old Keith is a laborer by day, and it shows in his body. He has a mans body, instead of that a twink body that a lot of 22 yr olds have. I think it’s totally sexy. He’s pretty shy in parts of this clip. I find it cute, I guess cause I know him. He kicks back, watches some porn, I suck him up a lil’ bit and he starts working to his cumshot, when we get interrupted, by the pissed off girlfriend of one of the other models. After she leaves, nervous Keith gives us a decent nut shot.

Blaze and Keith:

One of our most curious, with one of our most shy and homophobic. They remind me of a redneck Beavis and Butthead as they sit and watch and critique the porno vid they are strokin’ to. Blaze critiques my technique as I serve Keith up. I invite him to demonstrate. Black Joe and I serve them up and they kick back and eventually Keith busts his biggest load we’ve ever seen, and Blaze delivers another teenboy facial.

Stars: Blaze, Keith

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