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Video: Hidden Cameras

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Dorm G:

I have a friend who used to be a ”live-in” residence hall advisor at a local college. That meant he had to live in the dorms and monitor a floor. He hooked me up with these two Dorm Videos. The first one I just call Dorm G. From what he told me he hid a camera in the corner of one of the private toilet there, and after a week or so of nothing footage he hit it straight on with this hot footage. Guess when you share a dorm with a bunch of other guys, the only place to shoot your load in private is while on the toilet.

Hidden Bath:

A lot about this video is mysterious to me. I got it from a friend I am in touch with who lives in Belgium. All he told me was that he had a camera set up in a bathroom, and was able to get this hot looking guy jacking off on camera. What’s fucking hot is the guy takes his time during his jackoff session. You can tell he is really into it. Wonder if he is looking for someone to come along and take a bath with him while he does his jacking? It even looks like he is opening his mouth trying to catch a splash of the horny bathwater while he is jacking. Now that is hot!

Punk Ass:

There is a local punk in the neighborhood and he is hot as hell. I am always wondering what he would be like in bed. No luck. After finally talking to him I found out he was 100% straight. But that wasn’t going to stop me. I finally got him to my place to chill. He ended up crashing there for a week. So I was able to get a camera hidden above the computer which I knew he was using while I was gone. I had been checking the back browser and seems his favorite sites are cream pie and a gang bang site. Hmmm guess he wants to gang fuck a girl. Anyway, check out the hot tape I got of him alone at the computer. He has a hot body and a hot cock and left me a hot load of cum on my desk… and a dirty towel.

Dorm M:

This is the second video the guy was able to give me. He said he knew this guy he was video taping and the guy knew he was there with the camera. He said it happened slow and cautiously but that the guy started to get into it. You can see the camera man sneaking in to get a hot shot and getting some cock and cum shots in the mirror. He said he kept a titty magazine hidden in the bathroom just to get the guys horny. I think it’s the same one you can see the other guy making use of too, in the Dorm G Video. He told me that later in the year he ended up blowing the guy in the same bathroom one night when he was drunk off his ass… hmmm…

Andy & Cameraman:

I loaned my video camera and apartment to a buddy of mine for the weekend and look at the fun he got himself into. He told me he called someone he had met named ”Andy” to come visit. Little did Andy know what he was in for. Seems my buddy was horny that weekend. Turns out this Andy guy has a nice ass and and nice cock. I love where you see him get nervous as the camera man reaches in to feel his cock. Hot stuff. Not sure who is having the best time out of this one, Andy, me, my friend, or you.

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