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Video: Geno

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Big beautiful shiny thick cock. Beautiful young man. Sweet smile, mischievous as well. Wait till he puts lube on his growing sausage. Sweet enough to eat. Hmmm mmmm, sweet enough to eat!
While editing I even verbalized a “Jesus Christ” watching him whack off that big shiny cock as my balls started shifting. If this guy’s doesn’t get your balls a stirrin’, there’s something wrong with you!
I met him a few months earlier for a recreational sex thing. Ask him for the details, and those that know me, well, hello, you know me, so you know how I met him. It sure was fun helping myself to his big gorgeous cock. I didn’t play during the shoot, but I sure do remember how tasty his boner was.
I love Geno’s low toned moans when he is whacking off. The sound of a guy breathing while slowing whacking his meat is one fucking aphrodisiac if I ever thought of one.
Sometimes he starts whacking fast and I think he is gonna shoot, but he backs off. Now that is what I call edging! I love to edge.
And then he does shoot it and boy o boy what nice creamy ropes of cum. Oh Geno, those eyes, that smile, that boner, need I say more?

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