First Contact 6

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Video: First Contact 6

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The Great Canadian Male
Leo just got back from traveling all over the world remarking that Latin men were hot! When he first discovered he was curious about sex with a guy, he got his buddy drunk and they checked it out! During the interview you will notice how he keeps wringing his hands. I thought at first he was nervous but he told me later he was just so excited to be doing a video.

Felix and Josh:
Josh was interested in doing another video with a guy to experience giving a blowjob. The video almost didn’t happen that night as Felix got the time wrong for the shoot and arrived an hour late. By that time Josh had left already but happened to notice Felix walking into the building and called and asked if he should come back. I of course said yes and the video that resulted that night was nothing short of amazing!

Stars: Josh, Leo, Felix

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