Eric V.

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Eric’s is a very cool guy and WAY on the gay side. I asked him to butch it up some, and here’s what we got. I enjoyed shooting him because of his personality and his large cock. Eric had some good j/o stories with a bud when he was a teen. He whacked and sucked off with a dude in a house that was being built. Jeez, I never thought of that! What’s wrong with me? It took him a short while to sport the wood, and once he did, back it up buddy cause it just might have hit me in the face. And check out his lily-white ass, it’s pretty nice and he has a very sweet body, albeit on the skinny side. Kinda reminds me of myself in my earlier days. Count how many times I told him how big his cock was, as if he didn’t know and you couldn’t see… doy! I just love the sound of a big cock slapping against the coffee table. Quiet shooter but nice load!

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