Double Life

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Video: Double Life

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Pat and Sam
We sure like Trevor’s good looks and kick ass attitude. He is straight, but he really gets a jump out of having us film him jerking off. This is the third video he’s done for us, and he just keeps getting better. But, of course, it’s his big dick that seems to get everyone going! We got out the tape measure this time so you can see exactly how big it is. In any case, I’m sure there are many of you who would gladly tackle it, no matter how big it is. We agree, but Trevor is straight and says his dick is for girls only. Alas. We’re happy he doesn’t mind sharing it this much though, and we’re happy to pass him on to you.

Charlie keeps calling and calling, wanting to come over and try new things. If you’ve read about him before, you know that Charlie is straight. But, we think he’s very curious too. He’s wearing his red shorts again, and you can tell he finds them erotic in some way. Isn’t it fun to try to figure out what goes on in these guy’s heads? This time we have him in the shower and on the bed. He’s certainly lightened up quite a bit from the first time we filmed him, and he’s beginning to goof around a lot more. He knows how much we like his bubble butt, and giggles every time we mention it. That adds to his charm, and he’s a lot freer in showing it off this time. We’ve told him how much we want to see some ass play from him, and he now says he’s thinking about it. Charlie really is a delightful guy, very spiritual. He’s into auras and crystals and all kinds of stuff that we don’t even pretend to understand. But it’s always fun to hear him talk about it, and he really enjoys “massaging” our auras. It’s just so sweet.

This took place in a nearby hotel room. I filmed this in the morning after a long night’s sleep – a welcome change, given the hectic pace life’s had lately. Pat and I are early risers – we had been out for breakfast ‘n stuff while Damian slept. When we got back to the room, we just switched on the camera and started filming. Damian is really one of our favorite guys. There is something about his innocent yet slightly tough demeanor that we really find attractive. We have similar tastes in music, and we’ve been to many concerts together. He has no reluctance about jumping right in the middle of the most raucous mosh pit! He’s mostly straight but not afraid to experiment in the right setting. The cool thing is he’s extremely open about saying what he likes and doesn’t like. He’s always very easy to get along with. We’ve known Damian for about 2 years now, and we’re really enjoying watching him mature. We’ve got plans to do some outdoor stuff with him this summer. I’m sure that will be fun too!

You know how much we like beefcake 19 y/o jock boys, and we know you do too. Kent certainly fills that bill. Of course, good looks aren’t enough around here – a guy’s personality is just as important as his looks. Kent has both. He’s really a nice guy, and very open and comfortable with himself. He’s straight, so solo sessions are about the most he’ll do. But that’s ok with us, and we hope its ok with you too. This session is one of our fave formats: Shower and then jerk off on the bed. Kent really has a great body, its wonderful to watch him get it all lathered up and wet. Then he moves to the bed where he tries on a cock ring, jerks off for a long time while talking about all kinds of stuff, and then finally pops of an excellent load of jock juice, a real nice one, folks! Kent has done work for other photographic studios now, but we’re not sure where. If you happen to see him in a mag or on another website somewhere drop us a note and let us know. We’re always curious to see how others show guys that we’ve filmed.

Here we have three of our cutest guys in a somewhat unusual session. It was filmed in a hotel suite (something we rarely do), and the guys themselves filmed it! We just handed over the cameras and left. We told them to do whatever they wanted to do. And spent the rest of the day wondering what we’d unleashed..! We’re sure you’ll like what they came up with. Peter was (as always) a little nervous, but that’s part of his charm. Especially when he eventually gets all relaxed and horny. Trent is at his cum hungry best, and Jason does most of the filming and direction. But, he’s a major horn dog and has to get his wad in too. We know you like seeing cute guys just having fun together without an agenda or someone else saying, “do this” or “do that”, so we’re sure you’ll find this show exciting. Pay special attention to Trent when he sees Peter’s cum. It’s a classic!

Stars: Peter, Trent Stone, Charlie (Pat and Sam), Kent (Pat and Sam), Damian (Pat and Sam), Jason (Pat and Sam), Trevor (Pat and Sam)

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