Dennis Gets Worked Over

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Video: Dennis Gets Worked Over

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Gemini Studios
I shot Dennis over an 8 year period and have a lot of footage and still images of this sexy basically straight guy. He was 33 in the beginning and aged very well. His construction job kept his tanned physique in shape just as the sun bleached his hair. If you look closely you will notice his right bicep is much larger than his left which is from swinging a hammer (and jacking off!) His cock was always semi-hard and his ass demanded attention. This video shows how much attention his ass got.

Scene 1:

Dennis is strung up in the studio. Wearing just a pair of cut-off shorts, he is handcuffed, blindfolded and hung from a hook on the wall. A radio plays in the background as the camera pans over his sexy body. His arm pits are trimmed with a pair of scissors, then his shorts are dropped and his cock and balls exposed. His pubic hair is trimmed and big tufts of hair hit the floor. His shorts are discarded and nipple clamps are applied to his pecs. His semi-erect cock is manhandled. It gets harder as it is jerked, pulled and stretched and his balls are squeezed. When he is totally hard he is turned around so his ass is exposed; he will have to wait for satisfaction! An anal probe is shoved deep in his ass and his cock is again man-handled while his ass is fucked with the probe. He is fucked with the 12” manrammer dildo and another large dildo is rammed deep into the willing stud as his cock gets harder and harder.

For being such an obedient submissive, Denis is allowed to play with his cock and ass in a more comfortable position. While jacking his cock he shoves a dildo so far in his hot butt that only the flange keeps it from disappearing! I let him decide which toy is next and he chooses an even wider one! After jacking his dick with the dildo in his ass, he reaches for another one that’s over 12-inches long. He jacks his cock and pushes the dildo deeper and deeper into his ass until it totally disappears! He kicks back and relaxes watching a porno with his anal invader out of view but snugly in place! He removes the dildo hands free just using his butt muscles (which must be considerable!) and grabs the 12” manrammer dildo. He bitches a little about it being so hard, but aims it for his asshole and takes it right up to the hilt. He fucks his ass pretty hard actually trying to go deeper.

After some rather enjoyable stroking, he moves on to a huge, thick realistic latex cock and balls. He fuck’s his ass with it and takes it all. Only the balls stop it from disappearing! While he is getting fucked so deep, I move in and make him suck my cock. He continues to fuck his ass and decides to go for the longest dildo we have: an 18” beauty! Starring intently at the people fucking on TV, he slides the rubber cock deeper and deeper. He is frustrated because he can’t take the whole thing, and we make a joke about ”unchartered territory”! When he expels it, it looks like he is giving birth to an anaconda and the head of the dildo inching along the sheets adds to the illusion! Talk about your wild kingdoms! This is one of the most unbelievable toy feats I have ever seen! He sits back down on the big life like cock and balls and jacks his hard dick. I spend so much time talking about his ass that I forget to mention what a spectacular cock he has: about 8” cut and perfectly shaped. He rides the dildo screwing his ass on the huge latex dick. He sucks some cock while he’s screwing his ass and seems to like a cock at each end. We used to call this being watertight.

He decides to go for the biggest dildo in the studio: the Kris Lord dildo. Jacking his cock he works with fierce determination to get all this huge cock up his ass. He improvises and sticks the dildo to the floor and sits down about half way. We can see it in the mirror, too as it disappears into his ass and really enjoys his fuck. After such an intense penetration, Dennis relaxes and jacks his dick getting ready to cum. He sits back on a slightly smaller dildo and works his cock as he rides the dildo. He sucks so hard that he gets a face full of cum and then works on getting himself off. He jacks his cock as he rides the dildo and shoots a very thick load on his thigh.

Scene 2:

The second scene starts out with Dennis handcuffed and blindfolded hanging from chains in the studio. He is naked. He gets oiled up and roughly manhandled and he starts to get aroused. He is fondled, jerked, balls squeezed and rubbed down. A butt plug is inserted in his ass. He is subjected to rough groping and his arm pits are trimmed with scissors as are his pubes. An anal probe is inserted in his ass and his cock is jerked as his ass is fucked. His cock gets bigger and harder as the abuse continues. The probe is replaced with a large vibrator and he is fucked hard and deep before he submits to the huge manrammer dildo. His cock stays hard as he’s fucked and fucked, by bigger and bigger dildos, a beer bottle and finally, a huge set of anal beads. These black latex balls are the size of tennis balls and they are stuffed into his butt. He spreads his legs to facilitate their entrance. His cock is jerked as the balls are thrust deeper into his ass until he spurts cum. Four, five, six, seven spurts of thick white cum shoot from his cock over an extended period. He even keeps shooting after his cock is released.

Stars: Dennis

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