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Video: David

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When David was thirteen he convinced the neighbor boy that he needed to suck David’s dick. What a sweet surprise that young guy had cause David has a beautiful cock. You can tell that I particularly like a guy’s cock when I take a lot of stills from the shoot. David’s boner was perfect in shape and sized, totally suckable, although I did not help myself, lol.
He also has only one nut, but that does not distract much as his other one is of a nice large size. And he had plenty of pre-cum, which of course has nothing to do with your balls anyway.
David liked to watch porn while whacking away. We put in a cock sucking video and David got rock solid hard after seeing guys going down on other dudes. That is what turned him on. Seeing all these blow jobs and loads being shot all over guy’s faces.
And speaking of cum shots, wait until you see David. He had many ropes of cum and filled out a nice field of white creamy yumminess on the black sheet.
David would love to get his cock sucked on cam. Anyone?…lol.

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