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I found Chris on Craigslist. And indeed what a find he was!
Like so few of my models, and to my delight, he was hard before he touched himself. Ah the splendor of a 19 year old boner.
Beautiful face/body/boner. I just had to suck his cock a little…yippee for me! And as I edited I realized/remembered that he wanted to taste my pretty boner, so I let him. He gives great head! And he really liked going down on me. In fact he sucked my boner a lot more than I did his. Again yippee for me and for you, if you like to watch a guy getting his cock sucked.
Thankfully, Chris jacks his pud in different techniques such as; the regular grasping, the over the hand, schwing around, nipple play but not much nut play, which I find interesting as most dudes play with their cock AND nutz. I know I do. Do you?
Near the end you can here my Boston dialect slip out with “you’re getting close ahn’t (aren’t) ya.”
Oh and btw I love the sound of a hot slippery hand sliding up and down a big slippery boner..yum! That is such a turn-on.

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