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Video: Charlie

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Like I wrote on the homepage, Charlie loves to fill his mouth with cock. And as such, your host kindly obliged. So here is another one boys, where your host gets to enjoy the pleasures of a hot talented cocksucker. Check out this boy’s beautiful body from his thick muscled thighs to his shaved chest and his pretty boner in between. What a beautiful ass he had too! Charlie was a lot of fun. He was very talkative with a well-developed sense of humor, but also zoned in on his cock. And there was the periodic cocksucking with the cumshot on his face and then his thick cumshot right afterwards. If you like to see hot cum oozing out of a throbbing boner and dripping all over a cute guys face, this cum shot is for you. I think we will have Charlie back. Anyone agree?

Stars: Charlie (Gay)

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