Chance’s Toy Box

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Video: Chance's Toy Box

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Gemini Studios
ProducerNote: Chances list of fans is almost as long as his dick and that’s saying something because this guy is HUNG! Here are scenes from several shoots over a six month period of Chance, his big cock, his ass and a variety of toys! You get over 2 hours of this hot stud!

Scene 1:

Scene One starts with Chance mowing the yard. In the front yard, he wears shorts, but in the back yard he works naked! After his work is done he takes a dip in the pool…naked of course! After some posing and flexing in the hot Florida sun, we head into the Studio for a shoot.

The shoot starts with an interview about his sexual history. You get to learn a bit about this interesting man. He strips gradually, and his cock starts to harden as he gets naked. He shows you everything front and back, and then sucks on the manrammer dildo from the last shoot! He starts fingering his butt and tries to get the red plug in but can’t. He decides to stretch his ass with a selection of toys. He goes from the smaller vibrator to the larger one, to the plug and this time is very successful!

Scene 2:

Chance has the plug in his ass and his jeans on, he enjoys having it up his ass as he relaxes in the studio. He strips and poses with the plug and looks pretty hot in a black wrestling singlet that is see-through net. Of course, you can see-through, to the red plug! He sucks on the dildo again and drapes his lithe body over the table. He’s pretty relaxed so he starts playing with his cock and fingering his ass. Again he goes through a variety of toys: vibrators, beer bottle, zucchini and manrammer dildo. He fucks his butt and jacks his cock before sitting on a huge lifelike latex dildo and riding it until it fucks the cum right out of him!

Next a hot shower is just the thing and you get to watch as his hands glide all over his tight young form. After he dries off, he bends over the sink and shows you just what you want to see! It’s a couple of days later and Chance is back. He shows you his body without stripping and looks petty sexy. He poses with a hard hat and his cock poking out a hole in his well worn jeans. His posing session is pretty hot and we will submit the slide to a magazine for publication.

Scene 3:

Now it’s a little later and as his hair has grown out, Chance has decided to braid it for a new look. The hair is different, but so is the body. He’s been working out and is getting beefier. His cock still looks like a firehouse, thank God! He jerks it and has to have something up his ass. Chance plays with his ass standing up for a change, and goes through the vibrators, plugs and favorite manrammer. He cums all over the mirror while being fucked and eats his own load!

Stars: Chance (Gemini)

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