Casting Couch #2

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Video: Casting Couch #2

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Gemini Studios
This video features a variety of men from the hairy chests of Lloyd and Vincent, to the smooth clean torso of Logan, the naturally untrimmed pits and crotch on Stan, and offers toy play, lots of butt (of course!!) and some good money shots!


Lloyd is up first and he’s contacted me after getting the number from another model. He’s really eager to do porn so he can meet a lot of women. Yeah, that could happen. Anyway, he’s ready and eager to strip, so I begin shooting this 6′ 2” 24 year old straight man. He isn’t shy and it doesn’t take long to get him in bed. And once he is in bed, I talk him through our butt show and he shows you some things no one has seen since he was in diapers! After some hesitation he agrees to finger his ass but balks when I hand him a small butt plug, but he tries it after some coaxing. He goes on to some vibrators and even a beer bottle before shooting his load for your pleasure.


Stan is a rough street kid looking for a few bucks. Not my favorite guy, but has a decent body, nice cock with totally natural bush, and after he strips and poses, ”tries” a butt plug in his ass for the VERY first time, and shoots a pretty fantastic load for you.


He is 26, 6′ 3” and just out of the Marine Corps. He, too, is eager to be a porn star and will give it all he’s got to be famous. He’s a little furry and has one of the prettiest ass holes I have ever seen. See if you don’t agree how tasty his little pink man-hole is! He tells you about his tats, strips, shows you EVERY inch of his hot tanned body, and puts on a great butt show after which he shoots a load on his hand and belly. A nice hot shower and we are making plans for his next shoot. Of course, I ask him for one last butt shot!


Tall, straight, drop-dead-gorgeous Logan; here he is at the beginning before doing any x-rated shoots. He casually strips after reading a magazine and works on his 8” uncut cock. This is a short preliminary session and though he gets hard and jerks his cock, it doesn’t have a cum shot. Sorry! But he’s available in other videos (Signature Series: Logan and Logan’s Toy Box), with a lots of gooey man juice!

Stars: Vincent, Logan, Stan, Lloyd

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