Bustin A Nut 5

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Video: Bustin A Nut 5

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Buzz West
Don’t you just love Straight Guys that like to experiment? Me too! Ok, so here’s a little info on these guys. Scott had a nice big uncut dick and he certianly wasn’t shy about showing it off. Black’s beach is our local nude beach and Scott loves to go there and get attention. He loves to bottom and said he really likes it HARD and DEEP! After I told him that ass play was perfectly fine, he didn’t waste time getting into that. VERY HOT! Woody is a hot Kentucky boy that was transplanted out here in California about 5 years ago. I think he has sort of a “boy next door” kind of look to him and we hit it off even before he got naked and revealed his nice fat dick! Mitch is a big time skater and tries his best to surf, but admits that’s not he’s not that good at it. When I asked if he’d ever had any experience with another guy and he said that he “got fucked in the ass once!” Which is pretty different from the usual “I got head” answer. That really gets your curiosity up, doesn’t it! He has a very captivating blue eye, size 13 shoes and stands at 6’4 tall. A very tall stud with a nice hard 7″ dick. Totally yummy! Nick a sexy bi-sexual guy born in Ohio of all places, grew up in France with his mother. Nick recently moved back to the United States to go to school and join the U.S. Navy. There’s just something about an accent that is such a turn on and Nick really knows how to work that! Nick tells us he’s been known to have sex for over four hours and likes to take his time playing with his cock. These guys were all so much fun to work with, and I hope you enjoy watching them as much as Ienjoyed filming them!

Stars: Nick (Buzz West), Woody (Buzz West), Scott (Buzz West), Mitch (Buzz West)

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