Brandon Oh My God!

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Video: Brandon Oh My God!

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Gemini Studios

Scene one is a hot toy solos with Brandon. This cute man is now 22; I started shooting him when he was 18. The tall, lanky boy has grown into a well-built young man with a hard body. He is hanging out in the studio smoking, of which I am always lecturing him about! He strips gradually and is rock hard. He has a beautiful cock. He talks directly to you and tells you what he plans to do in this shoot. It’s going to be a toy shoot and he starts be spreading his beautiful man hole. After bending over the platform and spreading his ass, he gets comfortable and starts fingering his asshole.

His semi-erect cock lays across his thigh in anticipation. As his ass relaxes he replaces the finger with a small butt plug and starts jacking his now rock hard dick. Butt plug is replaced with vibrator but still his hard cock waves around like a flagpole. He fucks his butt and jacks his dick and flips over on his knees with the vibrator deep in his guts. Flipping back on his back he replaces the vibrator with a large one and keeps jacking his cock. The vibrator doesn’t quite do it, so he shoves a zucchini so far in his ass it almost disappears. Brandon then flips over on his knees so that you can see how he holds the zucchini in without any hands! He stretches out on the floor and shows you his zucchini fuck in every way he can and when he pops it out, you get a nice close up of his dilated hole.

Brandon starts sucking on a dildo and then sits on the lifelike latex cock riding it with his own big dick waving around. He wants to cum and will need both hands so he inserts a big red butt plug deep in his ass and starts jacking his cock as hard as he can. He shoots on his belly, right on his sexy pleasure trail and man, does it look finger licking good! His orgasm is so intense the butt plug pops out of his ass.

The second toy shoot starts out with Brandon naked in the studio. He puts a DVD in the player and gets comfortable on the bed. He starts spreading his butt and working a vibrator in deep. Soon he is stretched enough to fuck himself with the big 12 man rammer dildo! Brandon takes almost all of the huge latex cock and his dick gets bigger and bigger as he fucks his ass and jacks his cock. I even get to fuck him with the dildo as he spreads his butt! He sits on the dildo jamming it deeper into his bowels and seems to be really getting off on getting fucked. He sits on the dildo from the first session and rides it briefly before shooting a huge thick load while fucking his ass with the man rammer. Next, Brandon is in the shower getting cleaned up after a dirty session. It’s fun watching this hot, sexy man run his hands all over himself!

The third session starts with Brandon naked and in bed. Not a bad start, hey? So here he is spread wide open for your inspection and ready to play. He talks about being fucked and gives you a little of his sexual history. You will want to take notes! He starts working on his ass with his finger and then a butt plug, and is soon ready for a vibrator. As he gets his ass ready, his cock jumps to attention. The big red butt plug is pressed into duty (and into his ass) and he jacks his cock. He’s going to get fucked, and he needs to get his fucker hard, so he starts sucking my dick and when he gets me hard, I pull the plug out of his ass and he sits on my cock and rides it. He sits on it back wards and facing the camera as you see his cock swell as he gets fucked. He takes it all and jacks his own cock to a thick creamy climax while impaled on my cock! Yum, yum!

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