Boot Camp Brothers

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Video: Boot Camp Brothers

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Robbie and Jesse are real life military brothers stationed in southern California. These two bros and three other str8 brothers in arms swing by to show off their guns on camera.


Robbie just turned 22y/o and came to California for ”work” (the name of his employer tattoo’d on his arm). He’s from South Dakota where he was a big jock all through high school: football, wrestling, and baseball. These days he ”chases cougars” around San Diego and parties with his brother. This was his first time on camera and he was a little nervous, but after jerking off and squirting a load all over his stomach he says that, ”Ya ain’t lived until you’ve jerked off on camera!” His cumshot was so big he needed two towels to clean up!


Chad is 23y/o and a Navy Search and Rescue swimmer. Another jock, he wrestled and played football for most of his life. He’s got a girlfriend who he didn’t tell about doing this and hopes she doesn’t find out. But he’s kind of a wild sexual guy and actually fucked a girl in the Epcot Center. He stands about 5’7″ in height and has 8 uncut inches below the belt, so it looks huge on him! And the cumshot was one of the most impressive I’d seen in quite a while, flying almost up to his shoulder.


Rob is about to get deployed with the Marines and wanted to come by to make a little extra money. He says his wife is going to miss him while he’s gone, but he’s wondering how he’s going to get by without sex for 8 months! ”A lot of porta-potty jerking off I think,” he says. Rob strips down and jerks his uncut cock, splattering cum all over his hand and stomach. He’s one of those really vocal guys when he’s cumming, too, and you can tell he’s really into it.


20y/o Woz is a str8 USMC guy stationed in Florida, but was in San Diego to see some friends. He must have told them he was doing this because he got a couple funny phone calls asking if he was ”done jerking off yet?” He’s a pretty wild guy and is into getting bitten and scratched when he’s having sex. Woz has got some crazy blue eyes, and a nice natural patch of pubes (not shaved!). He also got hard in about 2 seconds, and when the cumshot came, there were 8 big squirts all over his stomach. Asked how it was afterwards, he just said, ”That’ll do!”

Robbie & Jesse:

Robbie called me up a week or so after his solo shoot and told me that his 20y/o brother, Jesse, wanted to do a shoot, too. After a little convincing and offering double the money, they agreed to do a jerk off video together. They’ve tagged teamed girls 5 or 6 times, they say, but never done this. There’s no touching, but I did catch them sneaking glances over at each other’s dick. Jesse was a bit nervous for his first time on camera. His cumshot pretty much snuck up on him and I nearly missed it. A gooey puddle onto his pubes. Robbie kicks back, starts stroking hard and blows another big load onto his stomach. Meanwhile, Jesse is trying for cumshot #2. Afterwards, they jump in the shower and wash off all the lube and cum.

Stars: Robbie James, Rob, Chad, Woz, Jesse James (Gay)

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