Army Mike

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I found Mike on Craigslist. Any nice looking army kinda guy I can find is a good one! Mike did the conventional whack off, mostly with his right hand with one technique. A lot of the dudes forget, probably because of such unique circumstances, to use their space, and try different JO techniques. He brought a bud with him, who did not want his face shown, but after quite a bit of coercion, he whipped it out off cam and eventually I got him to stroke it with Mike and me for just a small bit. Trust me, the off camera dude is a HOTTIE! I did what I could to show him at times, but alas, not his cute face. At one point I put the camera on the table to keep recording Mike and I went over and sucked his buds cock, off cam, while Mike watched. He liked that very much. I do not know why (or maybe I do – lol) so many of my models wanna see my cock, but watch Mike looking and asking me to join in. So I did (see above). My balls are shifting as I write this as I fondly remember those few moments. I sure did love his moaning when he dropped his load on the table. Cum: It is baby batter and a wood conditioner! Salute to Mike and his bud and to all men with nice juicy boners!

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