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Video: Andre

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Andre was quite the catch. Real sweet, easy to laugh, built and hung. Notice that he answers a lot of questions with “sometimes”. Like although he’s pretty much straight, sometimes he lets other dudes go down on him, sometimes he fucks a guy, sometimes he likes to get his balls licked. As well he should! As well we all should. When was the last time you got your balls licked, and I don’t mean by the family spaniel…lol! What an adorable guy and he smelled soooo good. Some guys just smell good without any help. And what a body! That chest, that cock, those nutz and what an ass too! Like with some of my dudes, I leave them alone so they can concentrate on the job at hand…so to speak. Andre was distracted and it took him a while to sport the hardest of bats, but I edited a lot of that out. He was even distracted when I wasn’t there. But it’s all good. Cause Kenny dried that lube of his beautiful cock and went to town until it got good and big and hard. He does, indeed, have an eight inch cock! And I guess that day was one of those “sometimes” days for Andre as he sure did appreciate the help.

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