A1 Straight Studs #3

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Video: A1 Straight Studs #3

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Indigo Male Productions
All the straight guys in this film dropped by to meet us during a recent Amateur Porn Sex Expo that we were hosting. Wanting to find out more about how to get into our film. None of these guys ever expected to be jerking off for our cameras so soon after meeting us. We know a good thing when we see it and we saw many hard-ons bopping up and down during the initial interviews. We couldn’t miss having them shoot their wads for you. Each of these guys is a bona-fide straight stud, looking for their chance to fuck on a full time basis. I trust you will enjoy the film, as much as I did making it.

Straight Stud #1 We knew right away that this guy was a keeper. While talking to this guy we could see him adjusting himself, touching his pants, and trying to hide the ‘tent’ that was growing in his crotch. A cute face, wicked smile, and thick cut cock with low hanging nuts is what Straight Stud #1 is most proud of. He delivers.

Straight Stud #2
What do say when a hot looking guy drops his pants right in front of you at the initial interview and says ‘I’ve got a power tool that never stops, and I want to show you how I can use it.’ Within seconds that dick was rock hard and ready to work. This stud came prepared. And I mean ‘came’ prepared. He shoots a huge thick wad of cum from his perfectly shaped cut cock. Tall, Lean, Fit and a cum factory all combined in one.

Straight Stud #3
A landscaper working with the grounds crew at the Hotel we were filming at, we had our eye on this guy from the get-go. He had streams of sweat pouring off his back and down his chest, glistening that tanned body. I approached him, gave him my card, and after a few minutes of discussion he agreed to doing a solo jerk-off scene for the camera. But with a twist. He would bring along his girlfriend later that evening and give her one hell of a show, all in front of the camera. This guy wanted nothing more than to get naked, pull out his big cock and show his chick how he loves to play with it. We never see her on camera, although she is what this scene is built on. We hear her egging him on as he jerks off very hard and very intense. We learned that it never hurts to ask because you may actually get what you’re looking for.

Straight Stud #4
Probably the most sex charged individual that I have stumbled across in ages. It must have been the southern heat. Because this guy was just sex crazed during the filming session. Proud to show off his big cock. Never shy about the package that he was sporting. This straight stud has no problem with fingering his hole, busting his wad loud and hard, and gobbling it up afterwards. Intense, Electric, and Sex crazed combine for a huge fucken load of jizz.

Straight Stud #5
The first of two young hotties that were too sweet to pass up. Just barely old enough to get into our films. This cutie not only has a great smile, sweet look, a lean toned body, but a huge cock. Remember when we were all in our late teens running around with hard-ons constantly. This boy proved it, and proved it big. And what a hot thick creamy white load to admire.

Straight Stud #6
The second of two young hotties that we stumbled across, and the most daring filming expedition I’ve pursued in a long while. We filmed the entire jerk off session at this guys house, in his bedroom, with his parents sitting on the porch and mulling about the house. This straight kid was bold and loud, never hesitating in leaving his bedroom door open for anyone to walk by or walk in. Want to talk about sweating it out. If the location wasn’t tense enough already. This kid pops his huge wad all over himself, some on my camera, and doesn’t miss a drop in licking it off his fingers. Oh, by the way, after the film shoot, it was also really cool to be introduced to this guys parents as the ‘new classmate’ from college working on a mid term filming assignment.

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