Young Skater Bro Out In Nature: Load #2

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Video: Young Skater Bro Out In Nature: Load #2

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Zack Christopher Production
Daddy Cal came home just in the nick of time to catch sexy ripped skater stud Devin about to let loose his load in our back yard (ZCP77). ZCP115 picks up where we left off, with Devin cleaning up the cum from his sweet abs and getting ready to move on to load II. We took a short break and did some pics around the yard, showing off his gorgeous young body. You can see most of those in Part I. I show him off here with a very quick and short little slideshow before we get his tasty little ass back in the lawn chair for another go round.

Devin is only 20yo (tho he could easily pass for 18), stands 5’6, and is a ripped tight 135lbs. He’s still wearing his temporary cast since getting the lime green one cut off by his brothers. It was a very cool and breezy Spring day, so the metal chair he sits in was pretty chilly, but since he’s from Idaho, it was all good. He got hard almost instantly.

We start off with Devin from the side, showing off his fine body, tats and cock. He strokes his uncut cock to a nice load, turning both of us on terribly! In a moment you’ll see more of that! Devin cums again with a few choice cuts from another camera.

My other half, Daddy Cal, stroked off his big juicy rod discretely and came down his own leg into his shoe when Devin popped his load! I knew he was jerking in his shorts while watching but I had no idea he let loose his own huge load. It flowed down his sexy legs out of his boxers and pooled in his sandals without me or Devin realizing! I put a few orgasm pics and cumshots from past twink encounters so you’d realize what Devin did to him!

I started out here with what is in my mind one of the most beautiful shots I’ve ever filmed! I peek out from behind our tree through the blooming snapdragons to see one of the sexiest punks ever with his big hard prick in hand! I move slowly in to get nice and close as he works it to full hardness and pops out his sweet nectar for me and Cal. As Cal is cumming down his thigh and calf, I reach out for a taste…Mmm mmm! Fucking delish!

We move inside after Devin wipes up a bit and he hits the showers! He takes off his temporary cast and carefully and awkwardly cleans up. He lets the hot water cascade down his rippled frame and relishes the sensations after two nice wanks. He towels off, converses a bit, gets dressed and is out the door. But, if you think you’ve seen the last of his super hunk skater boi, think again. This little sex god will be back full of new surprises!

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