Young Skater Bro Out In Nature: Load #1

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Video: Young Skater Bro Out In Nature: Load #1

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Zack Christopher Production
Sexy straight tattooed stud Devin has returned! This time, he’s out in the backyard, showing off with the birds and the bees! There is very little chat this time, as Devin strips down for you and starts getting down to biz! He gets hard quite quickly and works his beautiful uncut cock for you.

Camera 1:

Devin is only 20yo (tho he could easily pass for 18), stands 5’6, and is a ripped tight 135lbs. He’s still wearing his temporary cast since getting the lime green one cut off by his brothers. It was a very cool and breezy Spring day, so the metal chair he sits in was pretty chilly, but since he’s from Idaho, it was all good. He got hard almost instantly. Woof!

The breeze gets Devin’s nipples to stand at attention too! His abs flex and his cock jumps. Finally, his balls pull up tight and he pumps out a nice thick creamy load! Daddy Cal came home from work just as Devin was pumping out his load, so he came out to watch. I finished off this first scene with a little show of Cal’s cock/load for your enjoyment. You’ll see more action when he pumps out Load #2 in ZCP115. Devin took a break to build up his cumload for Part II, so here he strolls around my yard posing for pics. He’s very laid back and a joy to work with.

Camera 2:

A side view of the action lets you see his gorgeous body working up a nice load. It also lets you see just how close to that body I get! Slideshow! Here I give you all the hot shots from his first wank session, plus a few from his second load and shower!

Camera 3:

I finish off with Devin from my second stationary cam this is a full on frontal view of our stud, showing off his cock, legs and wonderful facial expressions! To see Load #2 and his shower scene clean up, don’t miss ZCP115 (coming soon)!

Stars: Devin

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