Young Skater Bro In Bed: Two Loads Part 3

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Video: Young Skater Bro In Bed: Two Loads Part 3

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Zack Christopher Production
Gorgeous young skater boy Devin is back for another round. He came over the first time with his two older brothers and came twice on my couch. Now he’s back, about a week later, without his bros in tow (they stayed out in the car) while he pumps out two more loads for your enjoyment and mine. He showed up in a wife-beater and jeans and a baseball cap. His neon green cast from his first visit has been cut off by his brothers. His doctor told him he’d have to go back to Idaho to do it for insurance b.s., so his brothers got some shit together and hacked it off. So now he’s still weak and tender, but wearing a temporary cast.

Devin strips off his jeans and strikes a porn pose in his boxers. He fills us in on his hopes of a porn career and his goofy ex-girlfriend who broke up when they didn’t think of porn in the same light. After a bit more chatting about his life, Devin takes his manhood in hand and works it up to full strength. He pulls his pud for me and shows off his super sexy twink body from head to toe. I get some nice close up shots of his face, with his lip rings, then pan down to his stroking cock. Soon Devin is panting and cumming, pulling his tank out of the way, to put out a nice load onto his thighs, hand and belly. The smell was again intoxicating of this str8 boy jerking off for the faggot photographer. Woof! Devin takes the cumtowel and cleans himself up, then asks me if I want him to go for load number two! Fuckin’ DUH!

I have Devin sit up and kneel on the bed, showing off the beautiful muscles in his skaterboy legs. He really shows off some nice muscle striations and makes you think of how well those thighs can thrust to give you pleasure! He strokes his meat back to hardness as I compliment him on his sexiness. He takes compliments from a queer quite well for a straight boy. I let him lay back on the bed finally and he pulls off a second load of cum. I get up close and personal for this one and let you almost reach out and taste it. The sounds come in great of him jerking fast, then slow, as he works on the load. His toes curl and pop!

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