The 3 Brothers Jakovalott: Young Skater Bro Load #1

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Video: The 3 Brothers Jakovalott: Young Skater Bro Load #1

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Zack Christopher Production
Fuck, fuck, fuck,fuck, fuck!!! This is hands down the hottest stud I’ve ever laid my camera lens to! Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Devin: A sexy skater punk who is the little brother in a triad of man meat. I had the great pleasure of meeting two brothers for a shoot, at the end they told me of their hot little bro and how I’d love him better than them. Well, they were right! (You’ll see the 2 Brothers Jakovalott in ZCP #61, as well as ZCP #62 and ZCP #63.) So, a week after their first shoot, the brothers made good on their promise and stopped by with little Devin in tow.

First off, Devin is 20yo, 135 ripped pounds, 5′ 6”, with brown hair. He’s got a pierced lip and many tats on this arms and torso. He’s straight and has a gorgeous uncut cock that you’ll want to wrap your lips around tout suite! He has his left arm in a neon green cast covered with dirty words, due to a snow boarding mishap. But, he’s gotten good at stripping down with one arm, so he was good to go (though I would have killed to help him undress!!). As his brothers watched from the sidelines and egged him on with teasing remarks and questions of their own, Devin told me of his life and then got to town working his luscious meat. He laughs, he chats and he strokes his sweet meat for us without caring that the house is full of men.

I had some issues with my computer that had a porno on for him, but he never loses his wood once it pops up. He’s a horny youth, as he can’t keep his hands off his cock for long. He works the foreskin up and over and makes the dark beauty mark mole on his foreskin dance for you. I moved him for a time onto the back stretcher and let you see the ripped abs and the sexy veins that run up his inner thighs. As he got off of the leather device, sweat trails roll down from his tasty ass cheeks. Once back on the couch, this hot number wastes no time in getting his rocks off and showing you his hot skater punk spunk!

Camera 1:

Devin chats to the main cam, strips down to his dark blue boxer briefs and then shows us what a hot young man can do pop an everhard woody till it vomits up hot manseed! When I came in close to him, he smelled fantastic: a light musky odor mixed with sweet cum I so wanted to lick his body from handsome mug to twitchy toes.

Camera 2:

This camera lets you see Devin’s sweet little bubble butt, his smooth back and his sexy profile. And, while you check out his nice hot ass, check out his taller older brother sitting in the chair across from him. He watched and commented and then jerked off later (ZCP #62).

Next I put in a slideshow of the hot pics taken during his shoot. Shots of his mug, biting his lip ring. Shots of his cock, hard and soft, foreskin just lightly covering his cockhead. Shots of his tight, tight, tight lithe body and his tattoos. And shots of his sexy legs and rippled abs. And, finally, shots of his milk in his bush and on his hand after a good time.

Camera 3:

Finally I give you Angle 3, showing yet more delicious views of Devin while his husky shorter older brother (ZCP #63) sits just off cam. This angle is great for his cumshots, with the black leather couch providing a nice backdrop. Watch as his toes twitch and jerk and then his feet curl like the Wicked Witch of the East when he cums. It’s hot. When done, Devin slowly dresses himself one-handed (though he could have stayed naked as far as I was concerned) and then sits for a few more comments from me and the peanut gallery. All the while his eyes sparkle with sexual delight as he keeps watching the porno.

Once done, it was up to his brothers to try again. They had stopped by earlier in the week (ZCP #61) and came all over my couch in a sibling rivalry of cum. Now they were back with the little bro and wanted to show me they could get big hardons. So, tall bro went next (ZCP #62) followed by short bro (ZCP #63). Then, after they did their duty, little Devin was ready to do an encore! So, he stripped almost before I had the cameras ready and stroked out a nice second load, which will be seen in (ZCP #64). So if you enjoy Devin here, don’t miss his second squirt, as it shoots up and out! I truly hope you enjoy this little exhibitionist as much as I did! And, don’t forget the previews of other hot ZCP features after the main show!

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