Southern California SkateBoarders Film 1

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Video: Southern California SkateBoarders Film 1

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The Body Shoppe
Bleu: Flattery will get you anything you want! “Bleu” was at a skateboard contest when he was seduced into showing off his fantastic body! Brian: Brian just got out of high school for the day and was practicing his skateboard skills! 18 year old…this youthful stud showed “Uncle Don” his “Getting Off” skills! Eric: Youthful, Innocent & Horny! Easy prey for an experienced horny older dude! Jonathan: Jonathan was a 19-year-old stud seduced into “Getting A Nut”. While out practicing with his board the lure of “Pussy” was enough to get his pants dropped in the bushes!

Stars: Eric, Brian, Jonathan, Bleu

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