So Cal Board Riders

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Video: So Cal Board Riders

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Spunk Worthy Video
Adam is a hot 19y/o str8 guy who’s into all sorts of outdoor/water sports, and even some competitive wake-boarding and surfing. He’s also not shy about showing off his assets– jerking his uncut cock and showing off his ass. In the end, he looks right up into the camera, says he’s gonna cum and squirts all the way up his chest.

Spike is a 19y/o str8 guy who lives and breathes skateboarding, but also loves the idea of doing porn. And it shows– he loves showing off. His dick was hard from the get-go. I asked him to do a butt shot and before I knew it, he’s got a finger up his ass! After jerking his cock for the camera, he shoots a big, juicy load all over his stomach.

This shoot is going wayyyy back. Ashton’s a big time surfer, and the 2nd guy I ever taped, so the footage is pure amateur grit. Still, he’s a helluva hot guy and delivers a really enthusiastic cumshot. He’s one of the guys you’ll only ever see here– making his first and only porn appearance.

Sean is another avid skater who makes his first porn appearance right here. He’s a tall dude and pretty nervous about the whole first-time-on-camera thing. Maybe cos he’s afraid his girlfriend might find out? He checks out some porn, gets his dick going and spurts a big ol’ load out onto the coffee table.

Spike wanted some more work, so I thought he might be up for a helping hand vid. With a little convincing, he agreed to it… and even thought of some dirtier twists that you might see down the road. He saved up for a couple days, and was so horny that we actually had to stop a couple times or else he was going to cum too quickly. So… we took it pretty slow, but in the end I stuck my finger up his ass and jerked him off till the str8 sk8r spunk was flying!

Stars: Adam, Spike, Ashton, Sean

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