Kee’s Summer Sex Buddies!

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Video: Kee's Summer Sex Buddies!

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The Body Shoppe
Welcome to the rough streets of sunny Southern California. From off the rough streets and sunny beaches of Southern California, Young Kee is more than willing to introduce his straight friends to the “world of porno”! He knows how to get his buddies to do on film what they would never consider … a homosexual act with a buddy!

In Scene One, Kee and Cain are leather buddies and realize that sometimes it’s just good to “kick back” with a buddy, spread your legs and “squeeze a nut”. Scene Two shows that, in the heat of the moment, a buddy’s hard, pulsating cock is a good thing! Scene Three has Abel and Kee jerking off as buddies in the lazy days of summer. In Scene Four, Kee, Kai and Eddy sit and shoot the shit while rubbing their thick cocks. And, lastly, Abel, Kee and Eddie show that when a throbbing cock is willing, a hot mouth is hard to say ‘no’ to! The Mask appears and gives new meaning to “eating cock”!

Stars: Cain, Pee Wee, Miami, Kai, Kee, Abel, Eddy, Eddie

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