Berlin Bastards

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Video: Berlin Bastards

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Director Uwe Stoll presents in his next hot movie nine gorgeous boys who really fuck up and down through Berlin! No matter if they meet in a dark and dusty basement or if they have to climb on a roof directly at the famous Potsdamer Platz, where they enjoy the view and some sizzling sex! High up on the roof of a tall building in the very center of Berlin, Malte is working out on the tight little ass of Kriss, while Enrique and Leleco down in the basement piss in every corner before they start to make out while they have their dicks out anyway! Blake just loves to sniff and lick sneakers, and he gets blasted to Heaven when he gets his ass done by Fabricio’s huge cock while he enjoys his new Sneakers. See this and what the other “Berlin Bastards” are up to….

Stars: Justin Young, Fabricio Maricello, Malte Schmidt, Kriss Stahl, Blake Newton, Leleco, Bob Moreno, Manulito Schutz, Enrique (Skater-Boys)

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