Work It Out 2

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Video: Work It Out 2

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Some of your favorite Czech muscle studs from Work It Out 1 are back with a few more hot boys in this passionate paean to body worship. You’ll say “Czech, please!” when you watch these horny muscular guys express their testosterone-fueled adulation of their buddies’ uncut gym-boy bods. It’s all about getting naked, showing off, and getting off in the deserted gym where anything goes. Couples and threesomes hook up for stroking, sucking, and fucking. They work out with their cocks out and every muscle gets exercised. It’s the kind of deliciously sexy training you’ll really love to watch. In four sweaty scenes, lust is all around. Loose shorts and clingy lycra can’t hold in big, straining Czech love-sausages. A trainer/stripper, boxers, bodybuilders, and masseur all have a bulge-making part in this cum-filled, foreskinned cock-fest. And get out the remote for the explosive finale – a steamy Czech ass-pounding leading to an awesome cum-gushing conclusion – an unbelievable 10-spurt load of hot jizz!

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