Weekend In Brazil

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In Weekend in Brazil, a bunch of horny Brazilian guys hook up with their friends for a wild weekend of sex and fun, but mostly hot sex!
Hector Henrique, Patrick Oliveira, Gabriel Coelho and Nike Santiago arrive at the house of Arthur Fresa and Johnny Alves where they are greeted warmly and introduced around. Arthur and Johnny have also invited Luiz Handson and Wagner Touro to join the party for the weekend. Once Patrick is out of earshot, Hector bets that he’ll be the first to bed him before anyone else does. When they all take a break, Arthur tops Johnny in bed for arranging such a fun weekend.
Next day, while everyone swims in the pool, Wagner tops Luiz just around the corner in a secluded spot on a handy table. That night, Hector sees his chance with Patrick and follows him to bed where Patrick fucks him. Afterwards, Hector confesses to the bet, but Patrick doesn’t mind a bit. Finally, Patrick gets a second wind and goes poolside where he and Nike take turns fucking Gabriel.

Stars: Luiz Hanson, Wagner Touro, Johnny Alves, Patrick Oliveira, Nike Santiago, Gabriel Coelho

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