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Video: Uncensored

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Bijou Classics
Director Robert Prion dug through his video closet to present this never-before-seen group of all-action sex. Featuring better-than-ever editing and music, he offers up his usual blast of solos, duos and trios in uninhibited, free-for-all lust!

A redheaded man in biker’s clothing strips in a sparsely furnished room to jack off his hefty cock (at least 8 inches!). Autofellatio is performed well and he later explodes a tremendous orgasm, shooting across the room at least six feet!! Next, beefcake Erick Johansen works on cutting glass in a studio.

Super stud Vince Stiletto joins him and Vince fucks the sucker’s face, then rims Erick’s asshole doggie style. Jay Richards asks an effeminate blond if it’s true he can “shoot” his load a long distance. The blond stands beside Jay and proves he can shoot far, cumming a gigantic load across the room!! Vince appears a second time with an Italian-looking man with a hairy chest and a big, veiny dick. Just then, Karl Thomas shows up and joins in on the fun.

Jay returns later on the beach, cruising the swimsuited men about him. The action switches back and forth between Jay masturbating and a long-haired dude with a huge cock stroking off in the john. Karl joins latino Antonio Vegas and another man in a kitchen setting.

Dirty talking leads to nakedness and cock-sucking for the three men. Rimming atop the table, ass-fucking, head-over-heels action and more is shared uninhibitedly and well. The third of the trio sucks his own cock, too, while being rimmed head-over-heels.

The last segment is a brief masturbation solo followed by a super-huge orgasm, from another man who can shoot the distance, the farthest yet in this video

Stars: Karl Thomas, Erick Johansen, Antonio Vegas, Matt Rowe, J.D. Corbins, Shane Ford, Sal DeVito, Brandon Kelly, Brian Batt, Vince Stiletto

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