The Underboss

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The Underboss is a magnificent, multigenerational epic that centers around “Mighty Joe,” a beautiful professional fighter in the Mob’s pocket, who, after beating up a couple of reporters, gets thrown in the slammer. Mighty Joe’s incarceration ignites a labyrinthine series of events that not only exposes the dark underpinnings of the Mob’s way of life, but also threatens the very existence of his mentor, the powerful Underboss. It’s a cinematic mosaic of mystery, mayhem, mesmerizing style, and unparalleled vision that really delivers a knockout punch! The Underboss shocks and surprises right up to the last unforgettable frame. After all, in Mob-land, the only thing sweeter than sex is revenge!

Stars: Winston Love, Dino Dimarco, Paul Morgan, Zach Richards, Dino Phillips, Bobby Blake, Kevin Kemp, Tommy Cruise, Dean Spencer

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